Philip Levine

Philip Levine's bald head is the most extravagnt canvas for one to draw and create. The acclaimed British artist uses his head as a true piece of art using all kinds of materials from Swarovski crystals, gold leaves and candy to punky metallic spikes or even coffee beans. This unusual, yet amazing technique makes Philip stand out in the global artistic and fashion world.

Philip's project started back in 2006 when he started going bald, however did not want like to look as another head-shaved man. He started experimenting with his head by creating brilliant, colourful designs in collaboration with professional make-up artist Kat Sinclair, many of them inspired by great artists like Roy Lichtenstein. Very soon his experimentations drew the attention of many major online media, describing him as "Baldazzling". It didn't take long for success and recognition to come. He made his debut exhibition titled "Headism" at the V&A Museum and just after that at NL Gallery in London, both during 2011, while his work has been published in many glossy editions like Marie Claire Spain, Elle, The Guardian, Time Out and many more. This year his work is displayed at the Somerset House alongside with big artists like Gabriel Dawe, Damien Hirst, Thomas Allen and Georgia Russell.

Philp's work has influenced many men and women affected by balding, giving them the chance to express themselves through his inspirational and fantastic creations. It needs to be mentioned that Philip Levine, apart from being a great artist is definitely a very productive persona, with activities like cultural consultancy in organizations like Art Below that promotes young artists, co-founder of the collective Lazy Gramophone, a couture arts and design label and business developer for ethical fashion brand Ada Zanditon among others, making his CV one of the most interesting i've read lately.
See more of his exciting head designs here


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